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Spread the word - Get a Deal of a Lifetime!
Group Buy section contains items we do not stock but can get a great deal if demand is high enough:
A minimum number of buyers is required. The more confirmed buyers - the better the price becomes.
Exact price chart is listed in item description.
Each group buy has an expiration date posted in description.
Minimum number of participants must be met before expiration date for group buy to become active.
If by this date the number of participants in not reached - Group Buy becomes inactive and cancelled.
All participants will receive a weekly email update of how many other participants have signed up.
Participation instructions:
Add the item to your shopping cart and checkout. No charges are made at this point.
We will only charge your card when minimum  of participants is reached and group buy becomes active.
You will be emailed and telephoned once group buy becomes active, before your card is charged.
Go ahead and spread the word - the more people we get - the better the price!
We also welcome your suggestions - what do you want to see a group buy for?