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Go Wide, Go Flush.
Use wheel spacers to get your outer wheel edge closer to the fender wall for a more flush side look.
Our wheel spacers are Wheel and Hub-centric 10mm - 25mm and Hubcentric for 3mm - 8mm.
Do not forget the extended bolts - take the length of your original bolt thread and add thickness of spacer:
Example: VW/Audi uses oem bolts at 28mm. You want 12mm spacers. Get 40mm bolts (28+12).
If you have wheels that are made by VW/Audi/BMW/Mercedes or Genuine BBS - you need ball seat bolts.
If you have wheels that are aftermarket - you will need conical bolts.
When installing, make sure your spacer sits flush on the hub, and wheel sits flush on the spacer.
With your new bolts you must get at least 5.5 or 6 FULL turns by the time it is fully tightened.
Follow these simple rules and you will have no problems. You will get a checklist with your spacers.
Please choose below how many bolts are supporting each wheel on your vehicle: